12 Heart Healthy Foods You Should Start Eating Today

Heart Healthy Foods

Heart Healthy Foods: We all know that we should look after our heart better; after all, we won’t get very far without a healthy heart. Moreover, since heart disease kills more people each year than anything else, it is important to consider how to keep those tickers healthy. Is this easier said than done?

We’re continually reminded that we should eat better, exercise more, and make changes to our lifestyles in the hope we are either preventing or reducing our risk of serious health issues. One of the most serious, and unfortunately, often fatal, consequences of poor lifestyle is a heart attack.

Heart attacks are serious events and require a change in lifestyle fairly swiftly to prevent any repeats. However, by this point there is already permanent damage to the heart. Therefore, it is in our own best interest to look after our hearts the best we can.

A diet that rich in plant food has been shown to be heart healthy foods and in some cases, has even reduced existing damage to the heart. What is the healthiest food for your heart?

Below are some of the best heart healthy foods you should consider eating

Heart Healthy Foods

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