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Ways To Cure Bad Breath

16 Ways To Cure Bad Breath! Most cases of bad breath (halitosis) result from oral anaerobic bacteria. These anaerobic bacteria, specifically Gram-negative anaerobic bacteria, produce byproducts that smell appalling. During daytime, saliva rich in oxygen helps to wash the mouth naturally, hence, eliminating the accumulation of bacteria. However, at night, salivation reduces thus facilitating a favorable environment for bacteria to accumulate. The result is a chemical environment that ranges from mildly acidic to mild alkaline which promotes faster thriving of anaerobic bacteria consequently leading to bad odor.

Statistics show that about one-third of people with halitosis have gum disease. The bacteria squirm into the gums below the teeth, preferably where toothpaste can’t reach. If not treated early, they can grow and cause severe damage to the gum tissues resulting in tooth loss. In the process, the wastes released by the bacteria creates a malodorous smell.

Dental hygiene is the gold standard in combating bad breath.

Regular tooth and tongue brushing and flossing can reduce bacterial growth. Due to the fact that food can become lodged between teeth, flossing is necessary to prevent tartar buildup.Therefore,visits to the dentist for professional cleaning on a regular basis is also recommended. Always use a high-quality toothbrush and remember to brush your tongue as well. The tongue is another potential harborage site for bacteria; brushing it properly can help eliminate any buildup.

There are a number of natural treatments that have been proved to be effective in preventing and treating bad breath. Many people find that chewing on cardamom seeds, sunflower seeds, mint leaves, or parsley helps eliminate unpleasant odors. Lemon juice and water gargles are also beneficial. Cardamom, anise, cinnamon, and fennel teas have all been said to aid in freshening one’s breath.

flossing-bad-breathFlossing and brushing regularly can help control and treat gum disease as well. Similarly, washing the mouth with the right herbal products can also treat gum disease. Studies have also shown that long-lasting or recurrent halitosis can be a tell-tale sign and indicator of other worse conditions such as kidney failure, diabetes, upper respiratory tract cancer, and liver cirrhosis among other conditions. Therefore, anyone with chronic halitosis should seek attention from their doctor.

Although halitosis may not usually be dangerous, it can be a cause for discomfiture, especially in public. The condition can take a toll on one’s life is not addressed early. The following are some 16 ways to cure bad breath naturally. Here are 10 Sources Rich In Compound Cineole, a Potent Antiseptic That Kills Bad Bacteria. Click to enlarge image.

ingredients for bad breath

Bad Breath

cardamom seeds for bad breathCardamom
– Cardamom It is a rich source of cineole compound, which is a potent antiseptic that kills harmful oral bacteria. Chewing cardamom seeds and adding them to tea helps to promote fresh breath.

Parsley – Green Parsley is an excellent source chlorophyll, a green plant pigment, and a great breath freshener. It isgreen-parsley-is-good-for-bad-breath advisable to chew bright green parsley preferably after meals, or after eating or drinking anything that can result in stinky mouth breath. Refrigerating fresh parsley and other plants such as cilantro and basil that are rich in chlorophyll is a good idea in battling bad mouth smell.

anise-good-for-bad-breathAnise – Anise is a herb rich in licorice flavor. The seeds of anise were traditionally used to promote fresh breath. The seeds are boiled with a cup of water, sieved then used as a mouthwash. It helps rid unpleasant mouth smell.

Dill – Dill is as rich as parsley in chlorophyll content. Individuals with halitosis can take dill tea after meals to freshen theirdill-seeds-for-fresh-breath breath. There are several ways of taking dill to promote fresh breath. One can mash dill seeds in a cup of boiling water, boil 1-2 teaspoonful’s of dill leaves, or chew them. However, it is recommended to use it moderately or occasionally.

wild-bergamot-a-breath-freshenerWild Bergamot – Wild bergamot can be taken solely or combined with other herbal teas. The herb is rich in antiseptic compounds and is commonly used as a commercial breath freshener. One can steep two teaspoons of wild bergamot in a cup of hot water for ten minutes before drinking.

Coriander – Coriander is another good home bad breath cure. To use it, it is recommended to boil a few ounces of the herbuse-coriander-for-bad-breath in two cups water then use it as a mouthwash.

Conclusion: The human mouth is a harbor to many types of bacteria which always battle for thriving space. It is the balance between these anaerobic bacteria that determines the smell in one’s mouth. Bad breath can be annoying. The above are some of the home remedies for bad breath.

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