3 Ways How To Heal a Burn Fast


How To Heal a Burn Fast

How to heal a burn fast? From boiling water splatters to splattered cooking oils when preparing a meal, the right burn treatment will help prevent damage to the exterior layer of the skin. When treating non chemical, nonelectric burns, you are simply treating a first-degree or a second-degree burn, meaning only the external epidermis has been burnt, no penetration to the second layer of skin, which houses nerve and blood vessels, have been damaged.

medicinal plant remedies3 Effective Home Remedies How To Heal a Burn Fast at Home

Of course, pain is expected, and your skin may eventually bubble, blister, and peel away; but, you can avoid infections and possible scarring, if you move quickly and take the right at-home burn treatment remedies, to treat first-degree burns after they occur.

More often than not, you can save a trip to the ER or even a visit to a local clinic or doctor, as approximately 80% of burns which occur at home, can be treated using these at-home remedies. However, being prepared and moving quickly is key to avoiding permanent damage and scarring. So, how do you go about treating burns at home?

First thing’s first, you need to cool the area which has been burnt. You can do this using a number of simple solutions including:

1) Using aloe-vera and applying it to the skin, and make sure to apply a generous amount of aloe to treat the burns properly.

2) Running cold tap water over the burnt area for several minutes, or submerging the burnt skin in cold water.

3) Cold, wet compressions can be applied directly to the burns. Conversely, ice-packs, a cold dishrag, or dish towel, will also suffice when you are in a pinch for time.

treating burns at home

It is important to note, you shouldn’t directly apply ice to the skin as this can cause scarring or nerve damage; rather, place ice in a bag or towel. You shouldn’t apply oil to a burn directly either, as this can cause layers of fat to develop, which can greatly hinder the healing process, and can lead to possible furthering of tissue damage.

The faster you cool the area, the better it is in treating a burn. This is imperative in preventing scarring; having aloe-vera juice at home is a life-saver. It not only penetrates the skin easily, it heals burns quickly. Bear in mind the cooling process will be as long as it takes for you to stop feeling pain/burning sensation in the area. For very large burns or larger areas of the body, this can take up to 30 minutes or longer for some peripheral burns.

Upon cooling the skin, wash the cooled area with soap and water and remove all debris. Gently pat dry the area, rather than rubbing it as this can cause irritation and pain. You will then apply antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, skin-cell regenerating cream/lotion onto the area. A burn recovery oil is one of the many products you can use. You should protect the burn from getting dirt/debris on it, which can easily be accomplished with a bandage or gauze patch over your burn.

Remember, this is for treating first-degree burns. If you feel it is a second-degree burn or is a chemical or electrical-nature, call 911 immediately for proper treatment of the burns.

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