30 Best Teas To Drink For Health

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Here you can read about 30 best teas for your health. Black tea, green tea, white tea and many more. Individual health benefits are mentioned too.

What are the healthiest and best teas for you to drink?

Black Tea – Black tea processing requires fermentation. Once the leaves are plucked, they’re laid out for up to 24 hours to wither. This allows the moisture to evaporate; the leaves will then be rolled to crack their surface, allowing the oxidation process to begin. The leaves are left to oxidize, which black tea for heart ailments high cholesterol diarrhea digestive problemscauses the leaves to darken in color. Once that oxidation process is complete, the final drying occurs. It has a strong flavor, and will maintain it for years.

Drinking black tea can benefit heart ailments, high cholesterol, diarrhea, digestive problems, asthma, and breast cancer.

  • Heart ailments – Regularly consuming black tea can assist in the repair of heart ailments. Thus, drinking black tea reduces your risk of heart diseases.
  • High cholesterol – The American Heart Association conducted a study showing that black tea drinkers can reduce cholesterol. High cholesterol can result in strokes and heart attacks.
  • Diarrhea – Drinking black tea can have a healing effect on intestinal issues; this is because of the tannin content. If you’re suffering from diarrhea, you should sip plain black tea slowly for the greatest benefit.
  • Digestive problems – As mentioned above, black tea is rich in tannins, and additional chemicals, which have a relaxing and positive effect on the human body’s digestive system. Black tea is anti-inflammatory.
  • Asthma – Hot liquids that have been brewed are excellent to relieve symptoms of asthma. Therefore, it shouldn’t be any surprise that black tea is beneficial for asthmatics. It expands the airways, allowing for easy breathing.
  • Breast cancer – Tea drinking can prevent cancerous breast growths, especially for women who are in the pre-menopausal phase. It works to increase globulin hormones, and theaflavins destroy abnormal cells before they can cause damage or turn cancerous.

The majority of people drink black tea, it’s readily available, and comes in a variety of flavors. No matter where you travel to you will likely find black tea in the restaurants, cafes, and on the shelves of the local supermarkets. Medical research shows that the arubigens and the aflavisin found in black tea are packed with health benefits.

Make sure that you don’t drink black tea after lunch or dinner, as this may result in poor digestion. However, drinking it at other times of the can actually aid the digestion process.

White Tea – White tea starts its life as the plants firmly rolled buds. It doesn’t go through any oxidation process, and to prevent it from occurringwhite tea health benefits white tea is immediately steamed or fired after air drying. There’s no breaking or bruising of the leaves.

White tea undergoes the least amount of processing. It’s not as widely available as black teas, thus costs more. It should be made with water just off the boil, or barely boiled.

White Tea – Among the best teas for various health benefits

  • Antiaging properties – Free radicals result in damage to a variety of organs, including your skin.white tea for anti aging They contribute to accelerating the aging process. White tea has polyphenols, which help to neutralize free radicals.
  • Oral Health – One of the best teas for oral health. Tannins, flavonoids, and polyphenols can also prevent the growth of bacteria which results in the formation of plaque. White tea also contains fluoride, which is effective in the reduction of cavities, and tooth decay.
  • Youthful skin – White tea can help to maintain youthful skin. Its antioxidant properties can assist in the quick recovery and repair of damaged skin, and is beneficial to protect skin against UV rays.
  • Cancer prevention – White tea can be beneficial in preventing various cancers, such as lung cancer, as it contains a chemo preventative agents which result in cell death, thus preventing the new growth of lung cancer cells.
  • Diabetes – White tea can reduce the symptoms of diabetes, including excessive thirst, as well as increasing the secretion of insulin and decreasing the levels of plasma glucose.
  • Cardiovascular disorders – White tea contains flavonoids and has been associated with the decrease of cardiovascular diseases. It can also assist in reducing high blood pressure.
  • Antibacterial properties – The majority of medical conditions and diseases are caused by pathogens. These pathogens attack your immune system. White tea contains antibacterial properties, which can protect you from germs and bacteria. You may have noticed that products like hand soap use white as a main ingredient. Drinking white tea will protect your body from infections and bacteria, and can also offerwhite tea helps lose weight relief from symptoms of the common cold, and the flu.
  • Weight loss – A busy schedule, the wrong choice of food, a lack of exercise- all of these things result in gaining weight. Shedding that excess weight can be difficult, especially if you struggle to find time for exercise. Drinking white tea is an excellent addition for your weight loss plan, as it can help prevent fat cells from forming.

Herbal Teas – Herbal teas are an excellent way to remain hydrated, while supporting cell health, and the health of organs and tissues. There are thousands of herbs available on the market, which can be confusing to know the right herbs to use, those that are safe and effective, and for what complaints they can remedy.

While the following is not a comprehensive list, they are easily available options. They’re packed with antioxidants that help fight free radicals, fluoride to improve your oral health, vitamin D for bone strength, as well as Epigallocatechin gallate, which helps in the recovery following stroke or heart tea reduces the risk of cancer and also prevents tumors from forming

Green Tea – The wonder herb is incredibly beneficial, because it has a variety of health benefits. It contains polyphenols, which are antioxidants, which work to reduce the presence of free radicals. This reduces the risk of cancer, and also prevents tumors from forming. It can also lower the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. It boosts the immune system, fights tooth decay, viruses, and lowers blood pressure.

Lemongrass Tea – While lemongrass is often used in cooking, the plant can also be used in making tea. Lemongrass Tea helpful for digesting foodIt’s helpful for digesting food, and is often served once a meal has been completed. It is excellent for purifying.

Ginger Tea – One of the best teas for energy. Ginger boosts energy. It assists in the process of digestion and can reduce nausea. Ginger tea also has anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it’s incredibly helpful and one of the best teas for patients with arthritis. Ginger has long been used as an addition in the culinary world, but many people overlook the medicinal qualities. Inginger tea helps calm nausea relieves colic gas and poor digestion addition to calming nausea, it also relieves colic, gas, and poor digestion.

It can also be used to reduce fevers, and luckily, it’s sufficiently gentle for use by the elderly and children. It’s useful for influenza, colds, and other feverish illnesses. The Journal of Medicinal Food published researching showing that ginger also has anti-inflammatory properties that rival over the counter medications.

Chamomile Tea – Chamomile has been known to assist in the digestion of food, as well as reducing stress, and inducing sleep. It’s perhaps one of the most popular herbal teas across the world.

Peppermint Tea – Peppermint tea is soothing and reduces nausea, vomiting, and motion sickness. It also boosts the immune system and canPeppermint tea reduces nausea vomiting and motion sickness protect against congestion, chronic pain, mild asthma, mild aches, and coughs. For anyone who struggles with heart problems, peppermint tea should be avoided.

Rose Hip Tea – Rose hip is rich in vitamin C, and comes from the fruit of a rose plant. You know, those bright red berries? When they are dried, they are packed full of vitamin C. This makes it beneficial to adrenal function, tissue health, your skin, as well as boosts the immune system.

Lavender Tea – The white, purple, and pink flowers are dried and then used to prepare lavender tea. This tea is a medicinal herbal tea, and it has long been used as a scent across the world. It is effective in reducing coughs, respiratory issues, bronchitis,lavender tea reduces coughs respiratory issues bronchitis asthma asthma, as well in lowering body temperatures, making it extremely effective in treating fevers. It can also be used to heal wounds, sores, cuts, and ulcers.

It’s also extremely effective for relaxation, and can relieve stress, anxiety, helping people sleep comfortably. It’s also an incredibly popular herb for aromatherapy. The tea may just replace your sleep aids altogether.

Lemon Balm Tea – Best teas for digestion. It is extremely beneficial for your health and effective in reducing stress, as well asLemon Balm Tea effective in reducing stress calming nerves. It can also be useful to control thyroid issues, anxiety, and reducing insomnia. It increases memory capacity, refreshing your mood. It can also relieve flatulence, improve your digestion, and ease stomach issues. It’s also effective in treating headaches, anxiety, stress, and heart palpitations. Phytomedicine states that a combination of lemon balm and valerian reduces restlessness for people with chronic sleep issues.

Hibiscus Flower Tea – This tea is made from the dried flowers of the hibiscus plant and can reduce hypertension, blood pressure, andHibiscus Flower Tea protects the immune system from free radicals cholesterol. It also contains antioxidants that protect the immune system from free radicals, which damage the cells. It’s also used in Sorrel and Zinger Tea. Again of of the best teas for high blood pressure patients.

Milk Thistle Tea – Milk thistle is effective in detoxifying the liver as well as its components to improve the function of the liver. It improves the digestive system, assisting in the production of bile.Milk Thistle Tea improves the function of the liver

Echinacea Tea – Echinacea tea is packed with antioxidants, boosting the immune system. It can help prevent cold and flu, as well as shorten the cycle of the common cold when actively drinking the tea. It can also reduce inflammation and provide pain relief. It has long been used as a cold treatment, but its anti-inflammatory affects are not asBlackberry Leaves Tea contains antioxidants and flavorful widely known.

Blackberry Leaves Tea – Blackberry leaves tea doesn’t just contain antioxidants; it also packs a flavorful punch. The leaves are picked and then dried in the sun, before being infused with boiling water.

In fact, the majority of berry-flavored teas get their essence from blackberry leaves. They are popular for their flavonoids, and the strong flavor.

Dandelion Tea – Dandelion tea is made using the leaves and flowers of the plant. It is packed withDandelion Tea reduces fluid retention improves liver function vitamins and minerals, working to reduce fluid retention, and providing relief from the swelling and pain caused by arthritis. It is also efficient for improving liver function and the digestive system.

It’s a natural digestive aid and diuretic. Dandelion tea is rich in lecithin and potassium, providing the liver with protection. It’s also a great source of vitamin A, and protects against anemia.

Hawthorn Tea – The majority of berry and peach flavored teasHawthorn Tea relax blood vessels make use of Hawthorn berries, leaves, and flowers. It improves circulation, and cardiovascular health. It is stress relieving, and improves the process the body uses to drain excess salt. The Hawthorn plant contains flavonoid complexes, which not only relax blood vessels, but also help to improve the overall health of the cardiovascular system. It also improves circulation.

Cinnamon Tea – There is a variety of benefits to cinnamon tea, not the least of which is the fact that it isCinnamon Tea controls blood sugar incredibly simple to prepare. It’s excellent for weight loss, but it also improves the immune system’s ability to fight viruses. It can control blood sugar, and when blended with honey is even more effective. It calms the stomach when dealing with diarrhea or gas, and is also efficient are clearing the brain and focusing the thought process.

Cardamom Tea – Cardamom Tea is a product of the whiteCardamom Tea relieves stomach pain and indigestion cardamom flowers from the plant, as well as the aromatic seeds. These plants generally grow throughout India and Guatemala, and the components of the plant are dried before being made into a tea. It has an aromatic and sweet flavor. This is one of the best teas for stomach pain and indigestion, as well as reducing flatulence, and nausea. It also aids in the battle against coughs and other pulmonary disorders. It can also purge caffeine from the system. For menstruating women, it is ideal for refreshing the mind, and relieving symptoms of pain.Red Clover Tea improves memory and strengthen the bones

Red Clover Tea – Among the best teas for sleep and stress. Red Clover Tea is made from the plants dried blossoms. It assists in relieving pain and bloating related to menopause. It’s also an effective stress reliever, and improves sleep. It can improve the memory, and strengthen the bones. It’s excellent for inflammation of the skin, and for relaxing the body.Rooibos Tea helps reduce stress and insomnia

Rooibos Tea – Rooibos is one of the most popular teas in the world. It is packed with minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. It has a distinct flavor, and helps reduce stress and insomnia.

Nettle Tea – Nettle tea is made using the leaves from a stingingNettle tea heals high blood pressure relieving arthritis pain nettle plant. It is effective in treating anemia, as well as reducing high blood pressure, relieving the pain related to arthritis. It boosts the immune system, helping to fight coughs and colds. Moreover, it reduces issues like congestion, kidney issues, bladder problems, and urinary tract infections.

Turmeric Tea – Turmeric is another one of the world’s cure-alls. It goes far beyond its reputation as a key ingredient for curries.Turmeric Tea can help regulate the menstrual cycle

In fact, it has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for over 4,000 years. Turmeric can help regulate the menstrual cycle, as well as relieve cramps, aid in digestion, dissolve gallstones, as well as support the function of a healthy liver.

Rosemary Tea – Rosemary isn’t just a helpful herb for cooking, it’s also an extremely healthy andRosemary Tea serve as a muscle beneficial tea. Rosemary can serve as a muscle relaxant, and an effective aid in digestion. For anyone with liver or gall bladder complaints, consuming rosemary tea frequently can relieve symptoms, as well as reliving the symptoms of mild asthma and cough.

Star Anise Tea – Star Anise is effective at expelling gas, as well asStar Anise Tea soothes colds and coughs promoting digestion, relieving abdominal pain and nausea. It also soothes colds and coughs, and can clear up any congestion issues. For nursing mothers struggling with milk production, Star Anise Tea can assist in milk production. It can also relieve the symptoms of menopause.

Licorice Tea – There is a variety of benefits to Licorice tea. It can reduce the symptoms of menopause, as well as reducing ulcer pain, break upLicorice Tea heals sore throats congestion that is caused by colds, as well as soothing sore throats. It reduces the stiffness and pain from arthritis, as well as being used to treat Hepatitis B.

Mugwort Tea – Mugwort Tea is the perfect solution for female complaints, especially when it is mixed withMugwort Tea excellent for relieving inflammation black hawk, marigold, and cramp bark. It’s excellent for relieving inflammation, as well as for handling gout, kidney stones, and gallbladder stones.

Marshmallow Root Tea – Marshmallow Root Tea has an incredibly calming effect on the body. It soothes chest irritations and coughs during colds, stimulating phlegm to clear it up. It can also relieve the pain related to colitis, ulcers, and enteritis.Marshmallow Root Tea soothes chest irritations and coughs during colds

Oregano Tea – Oregano is not just for Italian cooking anymore. In fact, Oregano is the winter marjoram. Oregano has been used as a form of medicine for hundreds of years. It serves as an antimicrobial and as a natural disinfectant. It can help beat the common cold, and the flue, and it also promotes the healing of wounds. Oregano oil has long been used to disinfect the rooms of the sick, and oregano drops under the tongue haveOregano Tea for flue and healing of wounds proved popular throughout winter.

St John’s Wort Tea – Again one of the best teas for healing wounds. St John’s Worst has long been used to treat depression due to its calming effect. The tea can prove just as effective. It can also relieve the symptoms of uterine cramping, as well as promoting healing of wounds, and boosting the body’s ability to fight viral infections. There are studies into whether St John’s Wort can be used to suppress the appetite, thus help in weight loss.

Some of these teas will taste better than others, though you can add honey or sugars to your tea to improve the taste. If you do, remember to use anSt John’s Wort Tea relieves uterine cramping and healing of wounds effective, low calorie option. Otherwise, your tea full of health benefits will be increasing your consumption of sugars and pushing your calorie count higher than necessary. Ideally, drink it without adding anything to sweeten it.

Final Thoughts

While coffee has suffered from some undue negative perception, tea has never been a victim of the same type of slander. However, while it might not have had a negative reputation, the majority of people have overlooked just how beneficial tea can be to good health.

There have been several studies on the associations of health and tea, and the evidence above just goes to show how valuable tea can be for your overall health and wellbeing.

At the end of it all, there is plenty to show how beneficial tea is to your health. Obviously, if you were to compare it to the health benefits of coffee the results are difficult to compare. There are only two types of coffee, and they provide the same health benefits- the different between them is related to quality and taste. However, in the tea world there are so many different teas to explore that one cannot simply say tea heals all. Every tea provides its own healing benefits, and no matter what ailment you are afflicted by- you are guaranteed to find one that will help alleviate your symptoms.

If you are on medication or have certain diagnosed illnesses, you may want to speak to your doctor about certain herbal teas before you embark on a new and wonderful relationship with them. Particularly herbal teas like St John’s Wort, while it has proven effective, it should not serve as a replacement for anti-depressants or therapy.

Tea is most certainly beneficial to your health, whether your preferred poison is an herbal brew, a white tea, or a black one.


Serious Health Benefits Of Tea

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