7 Cancer Fighting Fruits Worth Juicing

There is mounting evidence to show that diet and cancer protection always go hand in hand. Many studies have noted that eating the right amount of certain food could help people to maintain good health, and particularly contribute to protection against cancer.

A glass of juice that includes fruits as part of the ingredients has more nutrition value, on top of a fantastic taste and color. Besides, fruit juices can be helpful for protecting people from cancer and recovery of those diagnosed to have it.

The American Institute for Cancer Research supports the ability of these cancer fighting fruits below, to stave off cancer. There are also some tips on how to juice each fruit in order to extract all its healthy nutrients.

purple-grapes for cancer treatmentPurple Grapes. Grape juices have a high amount of a phytochemical called resveratrol, which belong to the polyphenols group of phytochemicals. In numerous lab studies, using tissues and animals, polyphenols especially resveratrol show positive result in preventing certain damages known to spark the cancer process in cells.

Tips For Juicing Purple Grapes. One should include whole grapes in the juice, without peeling, because much of the resveratrol is concentrated on the skin. Besides, blending it with vegetables can make it more beneficial to human health.

Peaches. The presence of beta-carotene in peaches does not only give peach juice an orange color but also help topeaches-are-good-for-cancer reduce risks for cancer. Researchers have proven this compound to protect DNA, helpful in reducing inflammation, boost immune function, and to promote and control the growth of normal cells.

Preparing Peach Juice. Cut each peach into halves in order to remove the pit, but the skin is edible. However, one might want to peel it off especially when using a blender or, otherwise, bits of the skin will be in the juice.

blueberries-good-for-prostrate-cancerBlueberries. According to the research findings, blueberries have compounds that decrease the growth of cancer cells, including phytochemicals, anthocyanin, and Ellagic acid. Cell studies of these cancer-fighting compounds also showed their ability to trigger self-destruction of prostate, breast colon, and mouth cancer cells.

Making The Ultimate Blueberry Juice. You may use a juicer to juice both berries and grapes but not centrifugal juicers. You can mix the fruit with vegetables such as kale and other green for a better result. Using a bowl with a spout to serve will easier sieve out the pulp from the juice, or else prepare blueberries separately and leave the mash when pouring it into the main juice.

Watermelon. Watermelon is high in lycopene, a potent antioxidant proven to fight against prostate cancer. In addition, it produces a sweet,Watermelon-cures-prostrate-cancer refreshing juice with only 25 calories in every cup serving, making it one of the best fruits to include in a weight loss program. The fact that it makes a great juice plus its low sugar content makes it ideal for juicing for many people.

Tips For Making Watermelon Juice. One can either juice the whole watermelon or exclude the skin depending on the juicer model. Therefore, it is important to check the manual of the juicer before deciding on the preparation method.

apples-stops-cancer-tumour-growthApples. Apples contain loads of powerful phytochemicals that can prevent oxidative damage to cells, which usually induce cancer cells. The studies have shown that, apples can block the start of the cancer process, stop the spread of a tumor growth, and facilitate the death of cancer cells.

Dr. Rui Hai Liu conducted laboratory studies that showed apples to contain phytochemicals that suppress tumor growth related to breast cancer. Many other large-scale human studies have found apple consumption to reduce cancer incidences especially those associated with lung and colon cancer. It’s advisable to eat at least one apple each day for healthy living.

Making The Ultimate Juice With Apples. Apples are an incredible complement to many vegetables, giving a great juice. When preparing the juice, it is recommendable to consult the juicer manual as the preparation method differs from one juicer to another. Some, for example, allow the user to put the whole apple inside the feed chute, but one need to cut them into pieces in others. What is more, many people prefer green apples, as they are lowest in sugar.

Strawberries. These fruits have a high concentration of Ellagic acid, a potent phytochemical capable of decreasing cancer cell growth rate andstrawberries-prevent-breast-cancer stimulating self-healing of certain cancers such as breast, prostate, mouth and colon cancer.

Studies have further shown the acid’s ability to fight cancer by using several different methods simultaneously. In this regards, it can retard reproduction of cancer cells, act as an antioxidant, and help the body to deactivate specific carcinogens.

Strawberry Juicing Tips. It’s easier to make one with a smoothie maker but one needs to mash them up first. Mashing these berries add more fiber into the juice increasing its health benefits. They also make a great blend with many greens such as spinach, broccoli, and kale.

tomatoes-cure-endometrial-cancerTomatoes. Many studies based on Nutrition and Cancer found lycopene, a plentiful carotenoid in tomatoes, to play a vital role in cancer prevention and mainly stopping endometrial cancer cell growth, which causes around 8,000 deaths each year.

Tips For Juicing Tomatoes. Adding garlic to tomato juice gives a fantastic combination for those needing a refreshing and healthy juice.

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