7 Foods That Cure Erectile Dysfunction and Increase Ejaculation

Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Anatomy-of-penis Erection problems or Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a sexual condition that a man’s  inability to attain or maintain an erection of his penis during sexual intercourse.

Your penis basically have 3 chambers. First, you have 2 large ones called Corpora Cavernosa which run along the top of your penis and a small chamber that runs along the base of your penis, called Corpus Spongiosum.

How do I deal with erectile dysfunction?

Whenever you have an erection, the 2 chambers, Corpora Cavernosa fill up with blood and cause your penis to swell. As of now, your penis is limited in terms of how much blood it can take in, and when the chambers gets filled to the limit, you have a complete erection.

This process is usually initiated via sexual arousal, when signals are transmitted from your brain to nerves in the penis. The most common causes of  erectile dysfunction are diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular illnesses, neurological problems, hormonal imbalance, by using certain drugs etc. Here are some of the top foods that help cure erectile dysfunction and increase sperm count as well.

Low-libido-in-menLow libido is the worst thing a man can have women prefer men with high sexual drive, and this is the baseline to a happy marriage. Declining levels of hormones, job stress, relationship issues among other problems are to blame for the take a toll in bedroom among most couples.

However, there is a vast range of natural products and remedies that can aid one improve their sexual life. These products come with varying effects on gland stimulation, hormone creation, general sex drive and seminal action of someone. The following are some of these best aphrodisiac foods that can enhance one’s sexual life.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

What is the fastest way to cure erectile dysfunction?

Lecithin is obtained in soy oil and egg yolk. It is known as one of the best sexual boosters as it aids in increase the volume of seminal fluid in someone. Lecithin is recommended for anyone seeking to increase their seminal fluid.


Wheat Germ and Wheat Germ Oil Wheat germ refers to the seedling part of wheat. Wheat germ is rich in nutrients and minerals. Wheat germ also contains high levels of selenium and zinc. Prolonged intake of wheat germ leads to increase levels of semen. Wheat germ oil is a great sperm booster.

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Tongkat Ali This is also referred to as Eurycoma Longifolia. It is a traditional herb found in parts of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. It is a powerful sex drug that plays many roles such as;

  • Helps increase the levels of testosterone
  • Improves sexual stimulation.
  • Increase in sperm quality as well as movement
  • Improve libido as well as erectile functioning.

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Flax Seed Oil Flax Seed oil is another great natural remedy for correcting many sexual complications in men. Flax Seed is rich in fatty acids such as Omega 3 and 6, and Vitamin E. Other important functions of Flax seed oil include lowering cholesterol levels, enhancing prostate functioning, production of healthy sperms and improving blood flow into the penis leading to a hard erection.

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Muira Puama is another powerful herb that aids in stimulating an erection and enhancing sexual desire in men. Other important functions of this herb include;

  • Increasing libido and hard erection
  • Boosting strength and stability of sexual desire in men
  • Increasing blood flow into the genitals
  • Regular morning erection and Healthy response to stress


Garlic is not only a typical spice in food but plays a critical role in enhancing one’s sexual life. It does a wide range of functions by expanding the arteries hence increasing the rate of blood flow into the pelvic region. Additionally, garlic also aids in raising the levels of nitric acid in the body leading to improved erections.


Ginseng is found in two types i.e. Asian and Siberian Ginseng. Both of these are critical in improving sperm production and mobility. Furthermore, Ginseng is also said to boost sexual drive by increasing libido and volume of ejaculation, improve sperm quality, general health of cells, remedy erectile dysfunction. However, some of the people suggest that Asian Ginseng can lead to erectile dysfunction.

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Smoothie To Increase Ejaculation Volume

This is a great smoothie produced to help you increase ejaculation and help you increase sperm count and motility as well, and also it’s an excellent remedy for anyone trying to conceive. Before you proceed, please bear in mind the lifespan of a sperm, and how long it takes to become mature. Studies have shown that some sperms may live inside the fallopian tubes as long as 7 days, but as an average, they live up to about 3 to 4 days. Try to drink this smoothie for at least 4 weeks, for you to see effective results.

Sex Foods For Men To Increase Ejaculation


  • 8 Large Celery Stalks.
  • 1 Clove Of Garlic.
  • 2 Table Spoons Of Sliced Ginger Root.
  • Soy Milk or Whole Milk.
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Lecithin Powder
  • Wheat Germ


  • Add garlic, celery stalks and ginger root to a mixer to release the juices.
  • Add some ice cubes.
  • 1 cup of  soy milk or whole milk.
  • About 30 pumpkin seeds (without salt and unroasted).
  • About ½ cup of powdered lecithin.
  • ½ teaspoon of wheat germ oil or ¼ cup raw wheat germ.
  • Mix well, and add it into a glass and drink it, and enjoy. That’s it.
  • For a good extra taste you can add some honey

Recipe That Heals Erectile Dysfunction

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