7 Natural Ways How To Cure Hemorrhoids

Natural Ways To Cure Hemorrhoids

Here are some natural remedies that shows how to cure hemorrhoids. Be aware that the chemical based products that claim to treat hemorrhoids give a temporary fix, and they are for minor cases of hemorrhoids. With these natural remedies, you don’t have to consider going for a hemorrhoids removal surgery with its risks and complications.

Do hemorrhoids go away on their own? Once you find the right remedy that works for you, your hemorrhoids are going to be a thing of the past.

What causes hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids are cause by excess pressure in the rectal veins and the veins in the surrounding area. There are many causes of hemorrhoids of which constipation is a major cause. By using these 7 natural ways to cure hemorrhoids, you can eliminate or diminish your hemorrhoids fast. Then by using some natural remedies for constipation, you can prevent hemorrhoids from coming back.

Remedy 1 – Did you know that lemon juice can help with hemorrhoids? It’s true. Try this remedy by squeezing out the juice from fresh lemons. Get a piece of cotton pad and soak it in the lemon juice, then apply it to the affected area. You may feel a slight tingly sensation at first, but it all goes away soon. It brings instant relief when you’re feeling a strong itchy and burning sensation.

how to cure hemorrhoids

Remedy 2 – What shrinks hemorrhoids fast? One of the best hemorrhoids home remedies is the Touch Me Not plant. Take a few leaves and boil them in a pot of  water. The vapors will do wonders in alleviating the discomfort and the pain. As an alternative, you can pick fresh leaves, make them into a paste and apply it to the external hemorrhoids to treat the piles.

Touch Me Not plant for hemorrhoids

Remedy 3Use ice in the form of ice packs and cubes if you wish to reduce the size of your hemorrhoids. Apply directly to get instant relief. Do this about 2 to 3 times per day and the pain will eventually subside.

ice pack for hemorrhoids

Remedy 4How to treat bleeding hemorrhoids? Got a bleeding hemorrhoid and don’t know what to do? Try this. Blend a mixture of sugar, black mustard and goats milk and drink it 2 to 3 times per day. The bleeding should stop and you’ll have it under control.

goat milk for hemorrhoids

Remedy 5 – External hemorrhoid treatment. If you’re having difficulty moving your bowels because it hurts, then use Vaseline. Put on a small amount of  Vaseline onto a q-tip or on a cotton swab and apply it 1/2 to 1 inch into your rectum. You can also apply the jelly to the external hemorrhoids to lessen the burning sensation. Move your bowels and you’ll discover that it won’t hurt so much. Thanks to petroleum jelly, your rectum won’t be irritated or scratched when you go into the toilet.

vasline for hemorrhoids

Remedy 6 – Here’s a recommended hemorrhoids pain relief that lets you unwind and relax at the same time. Fill a tub with lukewarm water and go for a sitz bath for 15 minutes several times per day. Add 1 tablespoon Epsom salt to really get the benefit out of this remedy. Doing this improves the hygiene in the affected area while providing a level of comfort for your piles.

sitz bath for hemorrhoids pain relief

Remedy 7 – You can change your diet to eliminate hemorrhoids much faster. Try eating banana on a completely empty stomach once per day. If you’re experiencing bleeding, then you can up the dosage by eating 3 bananas instead of 1. Alternately, you can eat dried persimmons that are steamed if you like the taste better.

bananas and dried persimmons for hemorrhoids

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