9 Causes of Hypothyroidism Which Effects Children, Teens and Adults

All your glands, including your thyroid, depend on each other. Because of this, there can be many reasons why your thyroid gland may begin to produce fewer hormones than your body needs.

From heart problems to muscle weakness, high cholesterol to skin issues and more, hypothyroidism can be responsible for many bothersome and dangerous health conditions.

Knowing what causes hypothyroidism can help you avoid the many health problems linked to this influential gland.

Hypothyroidism Causes in Infants, Kids, Teens and Adults

An under-active thyroid most commonly affects middle-aged and older women. Men are by no means immune to this problem, and the condition can unfortunately appear in teens and younger children, even infants. Thyroid problems can be congenital, that is, present at birth, or may be acquired at any stage of life.

Hypothyroidism in teenagers and non-infant children is usually caused by conditions and influences which trigger this problem in adults as well. At first symptoms may be mild, but left untreated, serious mental and physical health problems can develop.

This is because your thyroid releases hormones directly into your bloodstream, which circulates throughout your body. Here are some common hypothyroidism causes in children, teens and adults:

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