Alternative Diabetes Food Options (Low Calorie)

alternative foods for diabetesWith so many people having diabetes nowadays, it might sound easy to recognize one. The reality is that, it’s quite difficult, simply because diabetes is determined through blood  tests. You simply can’t have a look at an individual and grasp the level of blood sugar in his or her bloodstream. Likewise controlling calories isn’t easy either, when you’re lured by commercials, suggesting you to eat  particular foods that can make you more sexy and more gorgeous.

However, you can easily make an array of simple tweaks that can reduce calories and cholesterol by limiting the amounts of foods by checking on this alternatives. These are some of the best  alternative diabetes food options.

skim-milk-rather-than-whole-milk1) Start using skim milk rather than whole milk.

food-steaming-for-diabetics2) Prepare meals simply by baking, steaming, etc – whichever method will work other than frying.

high fiber vegetables for diabetics3) Pick high-fiber foods such as vegetables, whole fruits, and grains.

low-fat-yogurt-for-diabetes4) Try to fancy nonfat yogurt rather than sour cream.

meat-for-diabetics5) Cut all fat off meats and poultry.

luncheon-meat-for-diabetes6) Try to avoid luncheon meats, which are usually loaded high in fat and sodium. Choose foods that are low in sodium and saturated fats (Read the label)

beans-and-lentils-for-diabetes7) Rather than eating meat, chicken and fish, use lentils and beans.


8) Substitute butter with olive oil, natural herbs, spices, or fresh lemon juice.

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