Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety Attacks and Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Anxiety DisorderAnxiety is an emotional reaction that normally occurs to a person when faced in a difficult situation. It is usually experienced by people stressed from school or workplace. This is a normal emotional response of a person who is left unsure of what will happen in the future. This is different from anxiety disorder because while anxiety can occur to anyone and it is usually triggered by an uncertain event that is likely to happen, the latter is an abnormal emotional response that requires treatment and medication.

Anxiety Vs Anxiety Disorder

The discomfort of a normal anxiety can bring beneficial effects to people experiencing it because it makes them strive harder to prevent unlikely circumstance from happening. One good example will be when a person takes an exam. Normal anxiety helps the person to focus more and increases the level of attentiveness to details in answering test question because he is driven the desire to pass and succeed. Being anxious makes a person to be more alert and vigilant in all actions.

On the other hand, the anxiety disorder is an abnormal emotion associated with different symptoms. A person with anxiety disorder cannot trace the root cause of the anxiety because it occurs to a person at any time, with or without circumstances.

Anxiety Disorder symptoms

Anxious almost all of the time. This is one of the main indicators of anxiety disorder because the person develops anxiety on no valid ground and is continuous. Anxious for no particular reason is a state of mind that can be cured with help of experts.

Dizziness, headache and nausea. A person under anxiety disorder usually experiences these because of inability to comprehend where the anxiety is coming from. At the same time, too much thinking is another indicator for people experiencing this symptom.

Heart pounding, sweating, and trembling. This is another set of symptoms experienced by someone under anxiety disorder. This is due to the nervousness brought by the continuous anxiety felt by the person. It is related to the fear that a person feels over something uncertain. In effect, this set of anxiety disorder symptoms usually result to difficulty in breathing, inability to think straight, cannot talk as often, and unable to concentrate at anything for weeks or even months.

What is Agoraphobia?

AgoraphobiaAnxiety Agoraphobia is a kind of anxiety disorder where the sufferer becomes anxious of the environment. The person then is called agoraphobic. This is a special case of anxiety and can be seen in different ways. Agoraphobia happens when the agoraphobic feels that he has little to no control over the situation.

This kind of anxiety disorder may occur to overcrowding places. The anxiety brought by overcrowded places arises because of fear of social embarrassment. The person fears the possibility of humiliation in front of a crowd. This kind of fear is usually rooted to a previous panic attack experienced by the person that led to this condition otherwise called social phobia.

Agoraphobia may also occur when the person fear open spaces. In this case, the agoraphobic is afraid that he might experience the same panic attack he experienced in a particular open place before. This is the fear of having another panic attack. In effect, the agoraphobic tends to avoid these places to avoid this from happening again. Some agoraphobic even refuses to leave their home because they think that the possibility of danger is very high. They never leave their comfort zones to protect themselves from possible panic attack.

Agoraphobics also suffer separation anxiety disorder. This usually happens when a member of the household leaves. This situation usually increases an agoraphobic’s panic attack for fear of being left alone.

Anxiety Disorder Treatment By Relaxation

Anxiety Disorder TreatmentTo fight anxiety attack and cure a person from anxiety disorder, taking utmost relaxation is a good way to take the negative vibes out of the system and invite all positive energy. Meditation is a form of relaxation. It is done to reduce anxiety and set the mind of the person to a good and positive concentration. Once the person develops the habit of meditating, the anxiety will be reduced and can possibly be healed completely.

Another form of relaxation is by deep breathing. Because anxiety leads to heart pumping and palpitations, taking a deep breath relaxation deep breathing relaxes the muscles and slowlyrelaxation deep breathing reduces the anxiety level of the person. Do it every now and then and the results will really show positive result. Aside from the deep breathing, it can be partnered with muscle relaxation. The muscle relaxation releases the muscle tension that usually contributes to the anxiety of a person. Feeling great with muscle relaxation lessens the anxiety. It even sets the mood of the person for a better outlook.

There are also some other ways of relaxation to counter anxiety disorder. A change in personal lifestyle can do the trick. Eat well, exercise regularly, enough sleep, and avoid alcohol and other vices. These are basic things but when put into action can sure make a great difference. A person should strive for things that make him happy. This is the best advice for relaxation because happy thoughts are what a person needs to take off anxiety brought by negative energies.

Anxiety Attack Therapy

Anxiety Attack TherapyWhen the simple ways of curing anxiety disorder seems ineffective, seeking professional help is the wisest decision to end the anxiety right away. Professionals can treat the person suffering from anxiety through therapies specially designed for them.

Therapy is the major component in the treatment of this disorder and it is proven to be the most effective method because it does not have side effects. By submitting the person to a therapist, the therapist can identify the negative thoughts and make plans on how to overcome them slowly but surely. A therapist will care about how the patient recovers from the emotional distress and will show support in all cases. They will always provide the next best step to their patient to ensure that they are getting closer to healing and not including any more factors in their anxieties.

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