Black Pepper and Cinnamon – Super Health Benefits


Black Pepper

The utility of black pepper is unimaginable! Before you shrug it off and think it’s too spicy for your liking, it’s important to realize that you’re not adding a cup of it; merely a pinch. Available virtually everywhere in the world, by incorporating a little into your daily juicing ritual, you can expect to see some of the following benefits:

  • Boosts Digestion – When ingested, black pepper is able to stimulate the release of gastric hydrochloric acid, facilitating the breakdown of proteins and other foods. In cases of insufficient hydrochloric acid secretion, food takes a very long time to be digested, and may even transit into the intestines not well digested, resulting in bloating and possibly diarrhea.
  • Anti-Gas Agent – Though not fully understood, it is believed to be due in part to stimulating the release of hydrochloric acid (hence, lower likelihood of undigested material being target for bacterial consumption).
  • Anti-Oxidant Agent – Useful for a multitude of reasons, but primarily to combat oxidative stresses acting on our body daily. Antioxidants reduce or minimize damage caused by these oxidative particles.
  • Anti-Bacterial – Used for centuries to treat mild bacterial infections, especially when combined with other natural anti-biotics, such as honey, which, coincidentally, is added to smoothies and juices sometimes as a natural sweetener.
  • Promotes Weight Loss – Black pepper is able to increase thermogenesis, as well as stimulate the burning of fat as an energy source. It is also a mild diuretic, helping you shed excess water weight.

    How To Use?
    A small pinch added directly to your finished juice is all you need. It will inevitably add a slightly spicy “kick,” but hardly unpleasant.



No list of super health promoting herbs or spices would be complete without the inclusion of cinnamon. Used for centuries, and maybe even millennia, its rich in calcium, magnesium, zinc and fiber, and gives food a pleasant “sweetish” taste, without being sweet itself. Cinnamon has the following well-established effects on health:

  • Anti-Oxidant Effect– Cinnamon is effective in scavenging for damaging free radical, and neutralizes them before they can harm good cells.
  • Keeps Blood Sugar Levels Stable – Cinnamon has become an important part of a diabetic’s health regime, since it has consistently helped them control their blood glucose levels, and lead trouble free lives. In fact, it helps control blood sugar levels in two ways, one by improving insulin sensitivity, and two by decreasing the urge to binge on sweets. This can be very advantageous when trying to lose weight without the crash.

    How To Use?
    The versatility of Cinnamon enables it to be added to many different juices, and it adds a unique woody taste. It may be difficult to consume 2 grams once, so if you have juices multiple times daily, split the amount added.
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