Top 5 Natural Yeast Infection Treatments

Most people think of yeast infections, as a plague upon women but men can also develop candidiasis, especially those who are uncircumcised. A man with yeast typically shows no symptoms, but each time his partner is treated and gets rid of her infection, he re infects her. Therefore, if you’re a woman who’s been having problems with yeast infections, be …

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Goji Berries Helps You Lose Weight and Protects Your Heart

Goji berries (commercially known as wolf-berries) have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. True goji berries originate in Mongolia, but goji and wolf berries are very similar and hence are both considered goji berries. They’re rich in antioxidants that help to protect the cells in your body. In fact, some experts believe they’re even more powerful …

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Eat Bananas For Cancer, Blood Pressure, Heart Disease and More

Eat Bananas For Potassium: There are many reasons why bananas are a favorite food for nearly everyone from infants to elders. Many eat bananas because of their potassium content, an essential mineral for maintaining heart function and a healthy blood pressure. The presence of dietary fiber and low amount of sodium in bananas further certify their cardiovascular benefits. This article …

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Tips For Choosing a Healthy Dark Chocolate

People previously considered dark chocolate as a rare treat, but it is now becoming the acceptable snack for individuals seeking for healthy diets. Studies have supported dark chocolate to have many health benefits not found in other variety, increasing its availability and demand all over the world. However, the price and quality of dark chocolate from different sources vary widely. …

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8 Healing Wonders of Carrots

The health and nutrition benefits of carrots include prevention of heart attacks, reduce LDL (Bad) cholesterol, improve your vision, slow down the aging process and warding off of some cancers. Also, carrots have the ability to boost your immune system, boost cardiovascular health, increase the health of your skin, improve the digestive system, and boost your overall health in various …

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