Hypothyroidism Diet – Best Foods To Eat and Foods You Should Avoid

You have probably read or heard the saying, “You are what you eat,” more than a few times. This is being proved truer every day. It used to be that we believed exercise could cure all physical ills. While people who are regularly physically active will almost always be healthier in mind and body than sedentary individuals, we know now …

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9 Causes of Hypothyroidism Which Effects Children, Teens and Adults

All your glands, including your thyroid, depend on each other. Because of this, there can be many reasons why your thyroid gland may begin to produce fewer hormones than your body needs. From heart problems to muscle weakness, high cholesterol to skin issues and more, hypothyroidism can be responsible for many bothersome and dangerous health conditions. Knowing what causes hypothyroidism …

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Home Made Natural Hairspray DIY

This video shows how you can make home made natural hairspray using orange peels. For this recipe you can use any citrus fruit equivalent of an orange. This recipe is great for healthy strong hair.

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7 Natural Ways To Cure Hemorrhoids Without Medication

Here are some natural remedies that can help cure hemorrhoids. Be aware that the chemical based products that claim to treat hemorrhoids give a temporary fix, and they are for minor cases of hemorrhoids. With these natural remedies, you don’t have to consider going for a hemorrhoids removal surgery with its risks and complications. Once you find the right remedy …

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Centuries Old Hair Growth Remedy – Strengthens Hair Roots and Circulation

1-There are a number of herbs and natural therapies that can help to rejuvenate your hair, including apple cider vinegar. Good blood circulation is essential for a healthy scalp and strong hair. This vinegar helps to increase circulation of blood to the hair roots, which strengthens these roots and even promotes growth. 2-If you use a number of commercial products …

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