Extended Periods of Screen Time Can Cause Depression

Looking into screen time and depression There is no denying it that digital screens offer us so many benefits today; actually, we can’t do without them. With the digital revolution, we all are spending so much of our time staring at screens, more so than ever before. We have immediate access to our friends and family throughout the world and …

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Calming Quotes For Anxiety and Depression

Calming Quotes For Anxiety and Depression. Sudden panic or anxiety attacks without any obvious trigger are common, as is constant nagging worries. Anxiety disorders carry many different symptoms that involve thoughts, self-protective behaviors, avoidant behaviors, and fear of undetermined future events. The anxiety often interferes with daily activities and day-to-day life. Generalized anxiety disorder is believed to be caused at …

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10 Signs Your Antidepressants Are Not working

The most common treatment for your depressive symptoms includes a combination of antidepressants and psychotherapy. SSRIs or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors are prescribed by a doctor and are the most common medications used for depression with the exception of certain conditions, such as bipolar disorder that calls for different medications. Usually, it is an imbalance of the mood regulating neurotransmitter, …

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Choosing Depression Doctors – How Do You Find The Right Professional

Choosing Depression Doctors – Your mind is like a muscle. When seeking the right therapist or doctor, find someone who will adequately treat your depression and can get you into better shape. A good therapist or doctor for depression is a lot like a masseuse. They recognize the current state of the patient and help guide him or her gently …

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Depression In The Elderly – They Need Your Help

Depression In The Elderly. Depression is a serious issue for the aging population. Its symptoms have an effect on every aspect of a senior’s life, including relationships, hobbies, work, sleep, and appetite. Unfortunately, many of the aging population fail to notice the signs and symptoms of depression or don’t do what they need to do in order to get what …

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