Depression In Men – 9% Of US Men Feel Depressed Daily

Depression In Men. While men suffer from depression at a lower rate than women do, it does not negate the severity of their suffering or the prevalence of depression among men. According to Data from the National Health Interview Survey: 9% of US men feel depressed or anxious daily 1 in 3 of these men use medication for these feelings …

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Depression In Women – In US Alone 12 Million Suffer Each Year

Depression In Women. According to the National Institute Of Mental Health, women are 70% more likely than men to have depression, this means that they are two times more likely than men to suffer from major depressive disorder. Women are also three times more likely to have anxiety disorders or to attempt suicide. According to Mental Health America, about 12 …

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30 Depression Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor

30 Depression Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor. We’ve all become used to doctors using extensive laboratory testing to help them make the diagnosis of depression. Lab tests, however, are not helpful in diagnosing depression. Talking to patients and using various psychological screening tests are the best ways to diagnose this disease.

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Depression – A Leading Cause of Disability

One of the most debilitating conditions that a person can encounter is the state of depression. For many people who have never experienced depression, it can be difficult to understand what someone who is currently suffering with it is experiencing. For the person who is suffering it can be difficult to explain exactly what they are experiencing, since many times …

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Symptoms of Depression Checklist

Symptoms of Depression Checklist. Not everyone will experience the same symptoms of depression. Some may have a few, while others will have many, and also the signs and symptoms of depression can be severe or mild as well. It can vary based on the stage of depression. The symptoms are not attributable to substance abuse or some other medical condition.

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