Isometric Workouts and Stretching – Day 7

This is the last workout in this exercise program, and it’s called, isometric workouts and stretching. Isometric contraction basically means, you’re not lengthening or shortening the muscle tissue but holding the position where the muscles are working, however it’s not going through its full range of motion. This is an excellent way to tone your muscles. HOLD A SQUAT – …

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Body Core Workouts – Day 6

This is the sixth exercise of our seven days series, and it’s all about body core workouts. As usual, don’t forget to do your warm up. BENT ARM PLANK – Elbows under the shoulders, up on the toes, 1 Minute. STRAIGHT-ARM PLANK WITH KNEE CROSSES – Snap knee across toward opposite elbow. 15 Reps/Side SIDE PLANK/1-ARM PLANK – 30 Seconds …

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Dynamic Lower Body Workout – Day 5

This is called the Dynamic lower body workout. Just like the Dynamic upper body workout, this exercise also involves explosive movements, variety of directions and more. ALL EXERCISES – Perform 15 reps for each exercise HOP SQUATS – When coming up from the squat, feet leave the ground by an inch or two LATERAL SQUAT – Step to the side …

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Dynamic Upper Body Workout – Day 4

This is known as the Dynamic upper body workout, which involves lots of movement, a variety of directions, works on even more muscles, stabilizer muscles, explosive movements etc. STRAIGHT-ARM PLANK WITH ROTATION – 10 Reps per side STRAIGHT-ARM PLANK WITH SIDEWAYS MOVEMENT/PUSH-UPS – Do for 30 seconds BOXING – One foot forward, jab and cross for 1 minute, then switch …

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Cardio Workouts at Home – Day 3

These simple exercises (Cardio Blast), consists of 5 different workouts, each lasting about 1 minute. It’s advisable to try this exercise 2 to 3 times, for 10 to 15 minutes workout. ALL EXERCISES – Performed for 1 minute. JOGGING – On the spot for 1 to 2 minutes. SKIPPING – Pretend you have a rope for a similar workout HIGH …

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