Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Preventing Bacterial Vaginosis – Causes Of Infection

The term bacterial vaginosis will definitely send shivers along the spine of all women. Did you know that the vagina is host to a lot of bacteria? Normally, the vagina has a mixture of good bacteria and bad bacteria, but when the balance between the good and bad bacteria is upset, then you have a problem called bacterial vaginosis. Bad …

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Cervical Cancer Causes and Treatment – A Must Read

Usually, people react emotionally when they hear of cervical cancer. This is not surprising considering the seriousness of this disease, with millions of people all over the world dying from it every year. Understanding cancer; how it works or where it comes from is a tricky business. Primarily because, no one really knows. For years, scientists and medical practitioners have …

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Trichomoniasis In Women – Diagnosis,Treatment, Prevention

Trichomoniasis Causes, Infection and Risks Visiting your gynecologist is not a pleasant experience but it is one of the things you must do to maintain the proper health of your lady parts. But if you have not been very careful in your activities of late, do not be surprised that your doctor will want to talk to you to tell you …

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Symptoms Of Syphilis – Prevention and Treatment

What is Syphilis?  Syphilis is one of the several sexually transmitted diseases that are being widely talked about today.  Sexually transmitted diseases or STDs are one of the most common health concerns at the present time.  STDs are infections that are transferred from one person to another through any type of sexual contact, such as, oral sex, vaginal intercourse and …

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Genital Warts Prevention and Treatment

One thing that you should know about genital warts is that they are viral. This means that they are highly communicable, and can easily pass on from one person to another. The nature of passing on the warts occurs through skin-to-skin contact. There are many types of warts, and the most common is the Verruca Vulgaris, or the Common Wart. …

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