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Major Causes Of Panic Attacks

Major Causes Of Panic AttacksIt may begin abruptly, without warning at all — periods of intense fear, a sudden episode of apprehension that triggers visible physical reactions that vary in intensity and duration. It can last for several minutes to hours. There are several major causes of panic attacks, including that of a short term panic attack, but whatever the duration, an episode of this period of intense fear can jack up the frightening feeling.

A person experiencing a panic attack may often think he or she is having a heart attack, losing control of his or her physical abilities, suffering from a nervous breakdown, or even a feeling that he or she may be dying. These physical reactions prolong the fear, which is why it’s important that a person be calmed down when experiencing these panic attacks. For first time sufferers, the feeling of intense fear may be so uncomfortable it may take several days for him or her to recover from the shock.

Having panic attack episodes were once thought of as just periods of intense stress, but now they are recognized as a medical condition. Suffering from panic attacks can hamper one’s lifestyle. Panic attack sufferers may always fear having an episode, so this can ruin one’s quality of life. Those who suffer from short term panic attacks can develop phobias like fear of driving. They can also choose to avoid social situations, encounter problems at work or in school, be susceptible to depression, alcohol and substance abuse, and encounter suicidal thoughts. Because of all of these risks and problems posed by panic attacks, it’s important to know the major causes of panic attacks so one can seek out the necessary medical treatment.

Biological Causes Of Panic Attacks:

low blood sugar panic attacksLow blood sugar or hypoglycemia (where there is a low amount of glucose in the blood), experiencing labyrinthitis or inner ear disturbances, post traumatic stress disorder (a condition a person develops after going through a severe and traumatic life event, such as witnessing a murder, being thrust into stressful conflict situations and the like), and mitral valse prolapse are just some of the major causes of panic attacks arising from biological causes.

Hereditary Causes Of Panic Attacks:

genetics panic disorderOne of the causes of panic attacks was found to be heredity, or something that runs in families. Inheritance and genetics have a role to play in the passing of panic disorder among families from generation to generation, determining who will get it when it runs in the family. There are several cases however that panic attacks occur in people with no family history of panic disorder. Studies show panic attacks occur more frequently in females.

Short Term Panic Attack Triggers: Some of the panic attacks do not arise from biological or hereditary causes, which means triggers for panic attacks are not caused by a condition that runs in the family. There are other causes that trigger these attacks. Some of these may be stimulants in everyday products such as caffeine or nicotine, an overdose of which may trigger the intense physical reactions (such as palpitation, shortness of breath, tightening of the chest) that feel like symptoms of a panic attack and may actually trigger feelings of intense fear.

Some other triggers for a short term panic attack include undergoing significant changes in one’s life and going through landmark transitions, especially if these are sudden and stressful. These may include having to make a crucial life decision on the spot or in a very limited period of time. Another example of a significant life change is having to cope with the loss of a loved one and feeling a profound personal loss. These may refer to either the sudden death of a loved one — which makes it hard for anyone to cope — or dealing with a painful breakup, made even more difficult when one has a large attachment to that romantic partner.

Panic Attacks & Panic Disorders Due To Cumulative Stress:

stress anxiety attackOther causes of panic attacks, including a short term panic attack, is the steady accumulation of stress. These may often lead to a buildup of heightening stress and pressure, which manifests itself through physical reactions. People under tremendous amount of stress building up over time feel bad physical reactions, like headaches, fast beating of the heart, cold sweating and chills, sometimes even uncontrollable trembling. These intense physical reactions can often add fuel to the fire, making a person feel even more out of control and even more fearful, thus creating a cycle of experiencing physical reaction to fear and adding to that fear more precisely because of the worrisome physical effects.

Those who suffer from panic attacks may feel one or more of the following: a fast heart rate, shortness of breath, chills, sweating, uncontrollable trembling, hyperventilation, dizziness, cramping, headache, and a tightness in the throat. Panic attacks over time may turn out worse if left untreated. Knowing the major causes of panic attacks and being able to identify the symptoms should prompt you to seek medical advice and treatment as soon as possible to prevent panic attacks from disabling you from enjoying life.

Remedies for panic attacks are often best left to professionals, but this does not mean there’s nothing that can be done. Knowing the causes of panic attacks is half the battle; the other half is in figuring out how to cure panic attacks to prevent it from happening.

For short term panic attacks, one can try cutting down on caffeine and nicotine to avoid the side effects these can have on one’s body. It may also help to try practicing calming and relaxation techniques to stabilize one’s heart rate and maintain a calm and steady rate of breathing. It is also important that you take care of yourself by eating right, exercising at least three times a week, and getting proper sleep. Minimizing harmful effects on your body can often lessen the triggers of a panic attack.

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