Diabetic Pregnancy – Do’s & Don’ts

Being diabetic can be tough if you are pregnant. A diabetic pregnancy is termed as a high-risk pregnancy. Thankfully, by no means does this indicate that you won’t have a healthy baby. It simply means, you should be aware of more issues compared to a normal pregnant women.

Irrespective of whether you’ve been diagnosed with type 1 or diabetes type 2, it is crucial that you are aware of a couple of do’s and don’ts. This will ensure your pregnancy goes without complications, and that you give birth to a healthy child.

Being diabetic is not a reason to scare the pants off. You actually don’t need to worry about countless things, and in fact, the subsequent anxiety of doing so will turn out problematic both for you and your baby.

Across the world, countless diabetic women get pregnant and give birth to healthy babies without creating issues for the mother. What you need to do is remember to keep a few things in your mind, and you’ll be okay. Quite simply, stick to the do’s and don’ts given below and God willing you will have a healthy and a happy pregnancy.

Diabetes and Pregnancy – The Do’s

Consult a Gynecologist, Obstetrician or Perinatologist. Discussing with a gynecologist is the apparent choice for expecting mothers. However, when you’ve got diabetes, it’s a lot better to talk with a perinatologist. Perinatologists and obstetricians are further trained and specialized in high-risk pregnancies. This also involves diabetic pregnancies.

Moderate Eating is Crucial

moderately-to-sustain-your-blood-sugarAs a diabetic, it’s extremely crucial to eat moderately in order to sustain your blood sugar level throughout the day. Should your blood sugar level drops or rises excessively, it may become harmful for you. On the other hand, when you are pregnant, it could possibly hurt your baby as well. Your baby’s only source of glucose is available directly from you, and if you don’t have sufficient glucose to spare, your baby won’t be able to develop properly.

If you have higher glucose levels, you could go through a varied number of problems. However, your baby can experience a lot more, with the biggest problem being obesity. An elevated blood glucose level raises the chances of bearing an obese child. This could be quite complicated for most women during labor.

Do NOT Avoid Exercise

One of the biggest blunders that many pregnant women make is avoiding physical exercise. Besides, this can lead to adiabetic-pregnancy-exercise higher postpartum weight, it could also lead to an obese baby. During a diabetic pregnancy, not working out is the worst thing that you can do. The only two ways to successfully maintain your blood glucose levels down is either by insulin shots or exercise, you decide.

Taking into consideration the several benefits of exercise has, it is sensible to choose it over the painful injections.

Nevertheless, be sure to call your doctor or health care provider and get an exercise strategy. The last thing you need to do is exercise excessively, since this will dramatically reduce your blood glucose levels.

Diabetes and Pregnancy – The Don’ts

Sweets, Sweets and Sweets

cakes-increase-your-blood-sugar-levelThe worst thing you can really do while pregnant is snack on a variety of sugary foods (Candies, Cookies, Cakes, Pies, Dried Fruits, Jams etc). Not only they increase your blood sugar level, it also adds empty calories to your system. If you’ve got diabetes, you should pay special attention to what food you’re eating, with regards to the level of sugar they contain.

Control The Amount Of Carbohydrates

In pregnancy, in order to maintain your energy the very first thing most health care providers will possibly recommend you is, to take in lots oftoo-much-carbohydrates-can-cause-diabetes carbohydrates. The fact is that, carbohydrate is a molecule that turns into glucose. This turns into a diabetic’s worst nightmare. To get over this condition, the simplest course of action is to make a meal plan.

The trick is to control the amount of carbohydrate foods you consume to a minimum. Your doctor can precisely tell you the right amount of carbohydrates you should consume, as they are familiar with your condition as well as medical history. So leave this to your doctor.

He can roughly tell you how much carbs you need to take in each day. He can also inform you any special diets that you need to be on. This information should be discussed with a dietician so that he or she can acquire a the right diet plan for you.

Do Not Skip a Meal

diabetics-do-not-skip-mealsIf you’re diabetic and pregnant, the worst thing you could do is skip a meal. The morning meal or breakfast is the most crucial meal for the day and if you skip it, you decrease your blood sugar levels significantly. Furthermore this guarantees you have no energy during the day, and  it can be dangerous for your baby too.

Do Not Exercise Too Much

Exercising is the best way to lose weight and sustain a healthy living. When you are pregnant, you must workout to maintain your mood elevated as well as your body and baby happy. On the other hand, too much exercise and you risk lowering your blood sugar levels too much, triggering fatigue, mental disturbances, emotional stress as well as physical collapse. Therefore, do not exercise more than you need to.
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