Eat These Berries For Muscle and Arthritis Pain


Strawberries Raspberries and Blackberries

Just Like cherries, berries also contain anthocyanins, and that is what creates their colorful skin and can also help with pain symptoms. Anthocyanins are also powerful antioxidants that have many health benefits.

In one study, animals who were given red-raspberry extract were less likely to develop arthritis and also less likely to progress to severe arthritis once the condition developed.

There was also a protective effect over cartilage. Another study conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health found that regular intake of strawberries lowered levels of C-reactive protein that is a marker of inflammation in cardiovascular health.

While that study focused on cardiovascular health, arthritis patients can also benefit from berries as well due to their ability to reduce inflammation.

Servings And Ways To Enjoy

Enjoy berries daily as they are low in calories, high in fiber and have many essential nutrients the body needs.


Tahini For Headaches, Muscle Pain & Inflammatory Conditions

Tahini, a creamy paste made from sesame seeds, contains magnesium, an all-natural muscle relaxant. In general, people do not get enough magnesium in their diet, and Tahini is a perfectly delicious way to increase intake.

Tahini also contains copper, a mineral that is involved with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory reactions in the human body. Copper is known to help pain that is seen in rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

Servings And Ways To Enjoy

Tahini can be purchased ready made in the deli aisle of your supermarket or International specialty stores. Enjoy Tahini on whole grain toast, as a dip for vegetables or just lick it off a spoon. Hummus is another way to enjoy Tahini, where it is blended with chick peas and spices.

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