Female Sexual Problems in Diabetes


Since women don’t have a penis, the sexual complications of diabetes aren’t as visually apparent. Nevertheless, female sexual problems could be equally hard for women. Dry vagina and irregular menstrual function are signs of menopause. Therefore menopause must be eliminated.

These Problems are Caused by Diabetes:

  • A dry mouth and vagina due to high blood sugar.
  • Abnormal menstrual cycles, as your diabetes isn’t properly
    controlled, or you gain or lose lots of body weight.
  • Vaginal yeast infections (such as thrush) of the vagina.
  • Beginning to feel unappealing due to being overweight.
  • Loss of urinary control due to a neurogenic bladder.

Women who have long-standing diabetes often have a number of other problems that are specific to their sexual organs. These complications consist of reduced lubrication, due to parasympathetic nerve involvement, reduced blood circulation as a result of diabetic blood vessel disease, as well as decrease in skin sensation around the vaginal area.

Nearly all women who’ve got issues with lubrication, use over-‘the-counter products’ to lubricate themselves. The lubricants should be water-based, like K-Y jelly, which is one of the simplest to use and clean up. Petroleum based lubricants are not advisable due to the possibility of bacterial infection.

Oestrogen, which can be taken orally or put into the dry vagina in pessary form. This may also be useful for the postmenopausal woman. Consult with your doctor or gynaecologist on choosing the best combination of treatments to suit you.

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