How To Cure Chapped Lips Fast – 8 Chapped Lips Remedies


How To Cure Chapped Lips Fast

How To Cure Chapped Lips Fast: Chapped lips is a widespread problem among many people especially during extreme weather conditions like winter or summer. Aside from the weather, dry lips can be caused by other factors like poor care of ones lips which will be discussed later in the article. Chapped lips can be cracked, flaked or sore. Chapped lips can be a cause of pain and discomfort if not attended to early. The tiny tears on the lip can be painful or worse; they can harbor infectious bacteria and lead to other complications.

Your chapped lips won’t heal. In extreme cases a person can be unable to eat, talk or even smile due to the pain caused by chapped lips. Some common symptoms of cracked lips include pain on the lips, cracking or peeling, sensitivity, dryness, and increased tenderness of the lips. To better understand the remedies for chapped lips, it is imperative that its causes are comprehensively understood.

Causes of Chapped or Dry Lips

Several factors lead to cracked and dry lips. The weather is the common cause for chapped lips. Exposure to extreme weather like the winter or to much sun can lead to dehydration which leads to freckled lips. Excessive licking of the lips or biting can also lead to chapped lips. Infections and allergic reactions can also cause cracked lips.

How do you fix chapped lips naturally? Flu, colds and use of some medication are also among the causes for chapped lips in most people. In as much as there are several chapped lips remedies, this article gives tips only on the best remedies for chapped lips. Discussed below are some of the best pharmaceutical and natural chapped lips remedies.

How To Cure Chapped Lips Fast? Try These Natural Remedies

HoneyHoney has a rich history for being used for medicinal purposes. Honey has great antibacterial components that make it good for healing and rejuvenation of body tissues. It is considered that honey is a miracle cure for chapped lips when used alone or with other ingredients. Organic honey is great for chapped lips when applied gently and left to rest for some time. Organic honey acts as a natural chapped lips remedy due to its moisturizing ability. For better results apply organic honey on your lips several times a day, in order to heal chapped lips.

honey for chapped lips

Alternatively, you can make a paste of Vaseline and honey then apply the mixture to your lips. Vaseline is known to protect the skin from infection, thus, a combination of honey and Vaseline will prove to be the best homemade chapped lips cure. If this process is done for a week one will be able to get rid of dry lips.

Coconut oilChapped lips are characterized by dryness of the lips that lead to cracking and fracturing of the lip. Because dryness is the key agent, moisturizing is they key ingredient in any chapped lips remedy. Coconut oils and other natural carrier oils are famed for their amazing moisturizing abilities in the skin therapy profession. They contain healthy oils and acids that help rejuvenate the strength and tenderness of the skin. If one is looking for a natural chapped lips remedy, he or she should not go further than natural coconut oil.

organic coconut oil for chapped lips

Applying organic coconut oil to chapped lips a few time a day helps to keep the lips moisturized preventing further damage of the skin. Additionally it helps create a protective layer over the broken ski to disease causing infections. For better results, after the day, wash your lips and apply a fresh coat of coconut oil to be left overnight.

Aloe VeraThe aloe plant contains ingredients that make it a good anti-inflammatory and healing plant. The Aloe Vera gel helps protect the skin and also strengthen the skin by pulling torn skin together. Applying the Aloe Vera gel on chapped lips overnight acts as a good natural chapped lips cure. This process should be done between 4-5 days.

Chapped Lips Remedies

Aloe Vera is effective because it helps to gently remove the dead skin while at the same time strengthening the inner protective layer of the lip. The cooling affect of the Aloe Vera gel on chapped lips help provide a relief from the inflammation that comes with it.

Lemon JuiceLemon is a natural exfoliant and bleach when applied to the skin. When used on dry and dark lips, it helps shed off the dead skin and bring back the original skin tone on the lips. Lemon juice mixed with honey is a good mixture because the two will compliment each other in exfoliating and nourishing the skin at the same time. Applying a goodly coat of this mixture to ones lips for ten to twenty minutes every day for a week will get rid of chapped lips.

Lemon Juice for chapped lips

Pharmaceutical Remedies

BacitracinTopical antibacterials are to be used when the problem has persisted. Using an antibacterial like Bacitracin on your lips help protect the lips from infection while keeping them moisturized as they should. Most of this antibacterial do not taste good and will mostly prevent one from licking their lips which aggravates the problem, therefore, a blessing in disguise.

Bacitracin for chapped lips

CaramexFor severe conditions Rodney suggests the use of Carmex because of its great moisturizing ability which helps prevent further tearing of the skin. Most over-the-counter medication prescribed for chapped lips are manufactured to improve moisturization and prevent infection.

Caramex lip balm for chapped lips

Hydrocortisone OintmentFor a quick relief, it is recommended that one uses Hydrocortisone Ointment with a 1 percentage. The ointment aids in the fast healing of broken tissue and exfoliation of dead skin. For a faster recovery, consult with a physician on increase percentage.

hydrocortisone for chapped lips

Vitamin BDry lips vitamin deficiency. For people who are prone to chapped lips, the problem might be due to low vitamin B-Complex in the body. An increase in vitamin B intake could prove effective in curing consistent chapped lips problems.

vitamin b complex for chapped lips

Final Word

For most people, chapped lips is brought by poor care of them. One should be gentle with own lips. Sugar should not be used to scrub dead skin off chapped lips because the skin there is torn, tender, sensitive and painful. Scrubbing it will only worsen the condition. The focus should be on moisturizing ones lips and using natural exfoliates like Aloe Vera and lemon juice.

Hope this articles gave enough information on how to cure chapped lips fast

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