Ingredients For Soft Beautiful Lips

Give a try to these 2 tips and ingredients that will help you get a moist, soft radiant and a pinkish lips.


*——>> Get 1 spoon milk.
*——>> 1 Spoon milk fat, & add a little bit of saffron.
*——>> Mix it by beating and keep it inside the fridge.
*——>> Apply a thin coating on your lips, and clean it with a moist cotton wool.
*——>> This keeps your lips neat and adds a pinkish color.


*——>> Take some milk, dip couple of rose petals.
*——>> After a while, mash the rose petals in the milk, and then remove the residue. The milk will end up pinkish.
*——>> Then add ground almonds. After that, blend well and store inside the fridge.
*——>> Apply this on your lips and after a while, rub it off with a moist cotton wool.
*——>> Frequent applications will give you an all-natural pinkish radiant lips very quickly.
*——>> Or, you can also apply pure clarified butter on your lips before going to bed. This will keep your lips smooth and juicy.

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