Isometric Workouts and Stretching – Day 7

This is the last workout in this exercise program, and it’s called, isometric workouts and stretching. Isometric contraction basically means, you’re not lengthening or shortening the muscle tissue but holding the position where the muscles are working, however it’s not going through its full range of motion. This is an excellent way to tone your muscles.

best stretch workout

HOLD A SQUAT – Hold this position for 1 Minute
HOLD A LUNGE WITH ARMS UP – 30 Seconds per side
1 LEG, FORWARD LEAN – Get upper body close to parallel to the ground. 30 Seconds per side
SUPERMAN/WOMAN – Lying face down, lift arms and legs off the mat. Hold for 30 seconds
STRETCHING EXERCISES – Try to hold all the stretches for a minimum of 10 seconds

*Repeat 2-3 times for a more intense workout
*Stretch after the workout is done

Stretching Workouts

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