Male Sexual Problems in Diabetes

sexual-problems-in-diabetesDiabetes can cause sexual problems for both males and females. Nevertheless, using the right treatment method, you can enjoy a satisfying sex life.Studies show that, around 50 % of most men that have diabetes acknowledge having some difficulty with sexual functionality. This often takes the form of erectile dysfunction, (inability to have a satisfactory erection for  intercourse) Erectile dysfunction is also caused by many other factors besides diabetes. Here are some other possibilities:

Once you take away the above possibilities for erectile dysfunction, then diabetes is regarded as the cause of this problem. To help you comprehend how diabetes can affect an erection, let’s see how an erection is normally reached.

  • Injury to your penis.
  • Hormone imbalances, like insufficient production of male hormone testosterone.
  • Weak blood flow to the penis as a result of clogging of the artery by peripheral
    vascular disease. This disease can be  cured fully with microvascular surgery.
  • Using some medicines, for example antidepressants could cause  erectile dysfunction.
  • Additional risk factors such as high blood pressure, obesity, cardiovascular
    illnesses and even smoking.
  • Psychogenic erectile dysfunction, a failure to get an erection due to emotional or
    psychological factors instead of physical causes.

Impeding the erection process.

erection-processWhen you have diabetes the parasympathetic nervous system can get damaged and a sufficient erection could not be obtained for sexual intercourse. However, the sympathetic nervous system is spared, therefore orgasm and ejaculation takes place normally. Needless to say, sexual intercourse could be undesirable for both partners because of weak erection. Other elements could also play a role, like drugs, the length of your diabetes, your blood sugar level, drugs, alcohol and mentality. All this can lead to erection failure.

Treating erectile dysfunction

Treating-erectile-dysfunctionLuckily for men with diabetes and with erectile dysfunction, several ways of treatment exist, starting with prescription drugs, continuing with external devices to produce an erection. These treatments are successful around 70 and 80 % of men, however only a small percentage ever speak about the issue with their doctor.

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