Pregnancy Exercises and Precautions

Best-Pregnancy-ExercisesNo diet program will work without proper physical exercise. Likewise, the same holds true for a pregnancy diet plan. Pregnancy exercises will also help you endure better with the mental and physical changes you are experiencing.

Exercise is vital for a healthy pregnancy. During pregnancy many women often go through fatigue, back pain and constipation. A good workout routine will let you keep these discomforts away, while strengthening your back. Exercise will also help you prevent problems like gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia. Benefit of exercise in pregnancy is, it’ll help you keep a firm hand on the weight, and not pick up too much weight while your baby receive maximum nutrients. Exercise also releases hormones called endorphins that generally lifts your mood.

In pregnancy most women battle to sleep at night, which leads to even more stress and fatigue. After an exercise session in the day, you will find yourself so exhausted that, during the night you will easily drift off to sleep.

 Types of Pregnancy Exercises and Precautions.

The most suitable types of exercise during pregnancy should fulfill these conditions:

>> Keeps you fit and healthy.
>> Helps you control excess weight.
>> Should get your heart pumping.
>> Prepares your muscles to bear labor and child birth.
>> Should not trigger any sort of stress on you and your baby.

Avoid any exercise which may put you at the risk of losing balance or falling down, like tennis, gymnastics, horse riding, skiing etc. Prior to commencing any exercise, it is important to consult your gynecologist/obstetrician and confirm which exercises are suitable for you.

Swimming Exercises

pregnancy-swimming-exercisesWalking and swimming are definitely the safest types of exercise to do during pregnancy. Swimming allows you to workout your muscles and gets your heart pumping. It’s very safe to try swimming all the way through your pregnancy.

Aquanatal lessons are also quite popular these days. Aquanatal can help you have a shorter active labour. It reduces the risk of having a caesarean delivery, and may also help to lower antenatal and postnatal depression. If you don’t want to swim alone, then it’s a good idea to consider joining aquanatal classes. Aquanatal lessons are great for your joints as well and also helps relieve swelling of your legs and feet.

Pilates Exercises

This type of exercise strengthens your tummy muscles, lowers back pain, strengthens your pelvic floor, helps you with balance, removes the tension Pregnancy Pilates Online Classesoff your back and pelvis, relaxes and controls your breathing. Pilates training for pregnant women contain exercise sessions which are safe for your condition. Preview FREE Pregnancy Pilates Online Classes

Your trainer will assist you via a series of physical and breathing exercises which will help you relax your mind and body. This should help you with breathing in labor during childbirth. Pilates is totally safe to perform during your pregnancy. However, if you feel any discomfort or pain at any moment, STOP what you’re doing and allow your doctor to diagnose the situation before you decide to proceed your Pilates classes.

Weight Training Exercises

pregnancy-weight-trainingIf you’re an energetic woman, it’s likely you do weight training workouts around 3 to 4 times a week. Weight training strengthen your muscles, increases blood circulation and keeps your body toned.

However, as a pregnant woman, you will have some limitations put on your weight training workouts. Remember, there’ll be some instances where you can’t perform specific tasks.

There’ll be times when it becomes difficult to lift the same weights you used to lift earlier. If you can’t lift heavier weights, STOP IMMEDIATELY since it could harm your baby. Instead, try to lift half the weights you used to lift earlier while increasing the reps.

Further more, DO NOT lie down and try bench presses since it decreases the blood flow going to your baby. If you still want to do chest workouts, then do them with an inclined bench. This significantly lowers the potential risks to you and your baby.

One of the worst things you could do is bring the dumbbells near to your tummy. A lot of workouts require you to draw dumbbells closer to your tummy, so you should stay away from these exercises as they can hurt your baby.

Even though walking lunges are fantastic for your pelvic muscles and legs, it’s harmful in pregnancy. The last thing you want to do is hurt your pelvic muscles while in labor. Prior to any weight training workout, be sure to seek advice from your doctor first, and get his opinion on what’s best for you and what’s not.

Cycling During Pregnancy

You may be thinking that cycling is definitely the last thing you want to do when you’re expecting a baby. You could run into bumps and both youCycling-During-Pregnancy and the baby could get hurt, and then there is always a chance of falling. Nevertheless, the fact of the mater is, nearly all of these dangers exist even when you’re driving a car.

During pregnancy, riding a bike could be the single most enjoyable things you can do. It improves your breathing, strengthen your muscles, helps de-stress your body and relieve emotional stress as well.

If you’re used to riding a bike, there’s no problem and you can ride from time to time as you desire. Simply ensure your seat is well cushioned and properly set at an angle. In addition, make sure you don’t cycle uphill or on the main street, since this can easily raise the chances of falling or having an accident.

Walking and Jogging During Pregnancy

Walking-and-Jogging-During-PregnancyWalking offers you a great cardio workout without putting you at harm’s way. It’s also 100 % safe to try throughout your pregnancy, and you could incorporate it to your daily routine. Even if you’re unable to do any other type of physical exercise, you could always set off for a walk.

Jogging is also a very effective way of getting a good workout in order to get that heart of yours pumping. Yet still, if you’ve not done jogging or running prior to getting pregnant, this isn’t the proper time to get started, go for a walk instead.

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