Remedies For Strong and White Teeth

remedy for strong white teeth

The fitness of your body is dependent on having strong and white teeth. Bad digestive system influences your teeth, and if you suffer from dyspepsia or constipation or appetite issues, your teeth gets affected.

The home remedies below will not only cleanse your teeth and make it stronger but also prevents from numerous bacterial infections as well.

1) Almonds


  • Burn a few almond shells, place into a cup and cover it for a day
  • In the morning, grind the shells and put 1/5 of alum salt, and grind once more.
  • This solution will help heal from numerous dental ailments and could be utilized as a tooth paste also

2) Turmeric


  • Mix around 5 grms of roasted alum salt and 50 grms of turmeric powder.
  • Use this to rub your teeth and gums regularly.
  • This remedy could make your teeth tougher and stop tooth pain and bleeding

3) Lemon Remedies

lemond rind for teeth

  • Grind some dry lemon rinds into fine powder and then use it as a tooth paste. This cleanses your teeth and eliminates stinky breath, and gives a shiny look.
  • If you’ve got poor gums and yellowish teeth, mix ½ tsp of salt and 5 drops of lemon juice prior to brushing teeth in the morning. Wait for 5 minutes, rinse out and brush your teeth without hitting the gums.

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