Second Trimester Symptoms, Foods To Eat and Meal Plans

Second-Trimester-Symptoms-and foodsThe second trimester  is certainly the most pleasant and relaxed phase. It’s often referred to as pregnancy’s ‘honeymoon phase’! The worst is finally over, there’s no more nausea and now you’re beginning to enjoy being pregnant.

In second trimester your whole body starts to undergo full of physical changes. You’ll notice your breasts becoming larger along with your belly, as the growing baby makes room inside your uterus. You’ll see stretch marks around your breasts and tummy. It’s quite common to have occasional leg cramps and dizziness as well. This is because your body is adapting to the pregnancy.

Together with these changes, the food craving also kicks in. The reason is, because the baby is growing inside you and requires nutrition. Within this trimester, you should  normally gain around 3 to 4 lbs each month, and gaining weight is symptom of a normal pregnancy, so there nothing to be worried.

Second Trimester Foods To Eat

Second-trimester-foodsThe second trimester is the simplest and easiest for the mother. Nausea or vomiting is a thing of the past now and you’ll feel much more relaxed and full of energy. Remember, putting on weight is a vital part of this trimester.

During this trimester Vitamin D and Calcium are crucial for the mother’s body, and also for your baby to develop strong bones. Some Calcium rich foods include, almonds, milk, yoghurt, rice and cheese, and some foods rich in Vitamin D are fish, egg yolk, soy and orange juice.

Omega 3 fatty acids should also be an essential part of your diet. They help in the growth and development of baby’s brain. Fishes like salmon andfoods-to-eat-in-second-trimester-foods mackerel are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.

Not to forget that, Iron-rich foods are also important through the entire pregnancy. Iron helps your body produce red blood cells which are vital for the developing baby. Dried fruits, chicken, lamb, porridge, spinach and green veggies are an excellent source of iron.

To prevent yourself from gaining more than the required weight, make sure you stick to a good diet plan. This should help you gain the right amount of weight necessary for the growth of the baby. Remember, gaining excessive weight is not a healthy sign.

Second Trimester Meal Plan

In this trimester, a proper meal plan is the sensible way to keep your pregnancy diet right on course and receive all the nutritional requirements for the baby. Listed below are 3 meal plans, ideal for each month of the 2nd trimester, click the images to view.

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